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  Feed-in Tariff at Malaysia


In order to promote the renewable energy usage, SEDA Malaysia is the agency set up to administer and manage the implementation of feed-in tariff mechanism which is  mandated under the Renewable Energy Act 2011 [Act 725]


As a domestic electricity user in Malaysia, when your electricity bill is over  300 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or equivalent to RM77 in a month, you will need to contribute1% of your bill into the Renewable Energy Fund.


 Sample electricicity bill for Feed in Tariff in Malaysia


Since you have already paying into the Renewable Energy Fund, why not just take the advantage of this feed-in Tariff incentives to help reduce the net cost of a solar electrical system . The estimated ROI could be as follow:


Feed in Tariff in Malaysia estimate ROI


Talk to us and we will give you a proposal on installing solar power system on your roof top to generate income for you!


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solar panel for feed in tariff in Malaysia

solar panel for feed in tariff in Malaysia



plant watering system

bamboo salt 



Solar Panel

We offer mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline solar panel at 20W,50W and 100W. Mono-crystalline solar cell is very efficient and have proven track record in the market.

We deliver solar power to your home and installation at designated location with full complete system according to your requirements. We handle projects as follow:

  • Solar powered swiftlet house with 200W, 300W and 400W solar power system to power audio bird call system and humidity and temperature control

  • Solar powered system for remote application such as TV, communication system, cooling system and oxygen pump for fish pond.

  • Solar panel set as backup lighting in case of power failure.

  • Solar panel set for education purposes to teach young generation about concept of renewable energy.

Mini Solar Panel Set

This mini solar panel set is similar to a complete set up of a solar power system. It can be used as educational kit to teach the students about the concept of renewable energy. It can also be used as backup battery at home in case of power failure. You may also use it to light your night during camping outing and charge your handphone.

This mini solar panel set comprises of:

  • solar panel, 3W, 1 unit

  • rechargeable battery, lead-acid, 6V 4.5Ah, 1 unit

  • LED bulbs with cable and switches, 3W, 2 units

  • USB interface cable for phone charging, camera charging and battery charging

Mini Solar Panel Set


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